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Grow 28 Grams Of Fresh Magic Mushrooms!

Our Grow It Yourself Mushroom kits are carefully crafted with the utmost dedication to quality and ease of use. Whether you’re a seasoned mushroom enthusiast or a complete beginner, our kits are designed to ensure a successful and enjoyable growing experience.

How to Grow Your Own Mushrooms

Let’s get growing! It’s time to unbox and set up your Urban Botanist GIY Psilo-Vibe Mushroom Kit. Cultivate your mushrooms right in the comfort of your own home. Our kits come complete with premium mushroom spores and a specially formulated growth medium, ensuring you have everything you need to get started. No need for any guesswork or additional supplies – we’ve got you covered!

Our kits provide an array of benefits, making it effortless for both beginners and seasoned murshoomr growers. Embrace the therapeutic and spiritual potential of psilo-vibe mushrooms while supporting sustainability.

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Easy step-by-step instructions and guides

Your GIY Psilo-Vibe Mushroom Kit yields 1 oz (28 grams) of dried fungi. The process is incredibly straightforward, and we provide easy-to-follow instructions to guide you at every step of the way – From starting your kit to harvesting. In just two weeks, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can enjoy your very own homegrown psilo-vibe mushrooms.

Easy 3 step process that guarantees to grow!


Once you have the kit in hand, you’ll find everything you need, from instructions and resources to a specially formulated growth medium. Time to begin your exciting journey as a mushroom grower!

Open & Activate Oxygen

Upon opening the kit, you’ll follow the provided instructions to introduce fresh air, which is essential for the mycelium to thrive and kick-start the growth process.                                                    


After a short 14 days, you’ll carefully havest your fully developed psilo-vibe mushrooms from the substrate. We’re here with you every step of the way. Click here to visit our YouTube channel.           

Questions still unanswered?

If you still have unanswered questions about growing your own psilo-vibe mushrooms, we’ve got you covered! Check out this Glossary of Terms video or check out our FAQ page, where we walk you through the entire process step-by-step. Our expert tips and insights will help you gain the confidence and knowledge you need to become a successful mushroom grower. 


We’ve compiled a collection of key terms related to psilo-vibe mushrooms and their cultivation. Whether you’re new to the world of mycology or an experienced grower, this glossary aims to provide you with a clear understanding of the essential terminology used in the magical realm of psilo-vibe cultivation.

frequently asked questions

How much will I yield?

You can expect to grow about 1oz (28 grams) of dried mushrooms with your Urban Botanist GIY psilo-vibe mushroom kit.

Do I have to start right away?

No, you don’t. You can store your mushroom grow kit for up to 1 month in a cool, dark place before you start growing.

Does the grow block smell?

No, your grow block is practically scentless.

Where is the best place to grow my mushrooms?

You can place your kit anywhere away from direct sunlight. The lights around your home is plenty of light exposure. If you’d like to grow within a closet, a low LED light works perfectly.

Do mushrooms need sunlight to grow?

No, mushrooms don’t need sunlight to grow, but they do need some sort of light for the mycelium to know that it’s no longer underground. It will be able to produce the fruiting bodies. If you’re growing mushrooms in complete darkness, you’re going to need some form of artificial light. For example, a lightbulb is plenty.

How do I store my mushrooms?

Once your mushrooms are completely dry, put them in a plastic bag or glass jar and store in the freezer for long term storage. You can store them for up to a year.

Do I need to mist or water my grow block?

No, you don’t need to mist or water your mushroom grow block. The compostable plastic bag that your substrate comes in is designed to maintain and control moisture.

How long does it take for the mushrooms to grow?

You can expect to see some of your very first mushrooms growing after 14 days. Keep in mind that your grow kit will continue to fruit for at least one month.

How do I harvest my mushrooms?

You’re going to want to wait until your mushrooms are mature. You can simply pinch and twist to remove your mushrooms off of the grow block. 

What do I do with my grow block after?

Once your block is spent (meaning no more mushrooms are growing), you can compost the entire kit. You should get at least two flushes of mushrooms from your one grow block. The first flush will yield lots of small mushrooms. Your second flush will yield fewer but much larger mushrooms.

In what temperature should I grow my mushrooms?

Perfect temperature control is not required. Regular room temperature is perfect. Mushrooms tolerate a wide range of temperatures. Between 15-30 degrees celcius is a sweet spot. If you go too cold, it will slow down growth. 

What is mycelium?

It’s the living organism that spreads through a network underground. It produces mushrooms in order to drop spores and spread its genetics.

How do I dry my mushrooms?

Lay your mushrooms on a tray or a plate on top of paper towels. This will help wick out the moisture. For drying mushrooms, you can lay them in direct sunlight to help speed up the process. You want to wait until the mushrooms are cracker dry before dosing.

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