Psilo Vibe Refill Kit

Psilo Vibe Refill Kit

Psilo Vibe Refill Kit

Continue your mycological exploration with the Psilo Vibe Refill Kit, designed to seamlessly replenish your Psilo Vibe GIY Kit for another cycle of growth. Perfect for enthusiasts who have experienced the joy of their first harvest and are eager to dive back in, this refill kit ensures your cultivation journey keeps flourishing. Tailored to provide all the essentials for a new batch of magic mushrooms, it simplifies the process of restarting your grow with fresh substrates and mycelium. Embrace the cycle of growth with the convenience and quality you’ve come to expect from Psilo Vibe.

Why Choose the Psilo Vibe Refill Kit?

Our refill kit is the bridge between your initial cultivation success and your ongoing passion for mycology. It’s crafted to offer the same high-quality experience as your first grow, with the added benefit of leveraging the knowledge and experience you’ve gained.

Key Advantages



Provides an economical way to continue your cultivation without the need for a completely new kit.


High-Quality Substrates and Mycelium:

Just like our GIY Kit, the refill comes with top-notch substrates pre-inoculated with premium mycelium for robust growth.


Ease of Use:

Designed for straightforward use, ensuring a smooth transition into your next growing cycle.



By reusing parts of your original kit, the refill option reduces waste and supports eco-friendly cultivation practices.

What’s Included in the Refill Kit?

The Psilo Vibe Refill Kit comes with everything you need to initiate another grow cycle, ensuring your setup is as fruitful as the first time.

Kit Contents


Pre-Colonized Substrate:

Fresh, high-quality substrate ready to introduce into your existing growth chamber.


Detailed Instructions:

Updated guidelines to help optimize your second grow, incorporating tips for seasoned cultivators.


Access to Support:

Continued access to our customer support and online community for any questions or advice needed during your grow.

Compatible Strains

We offer a variety of mushroom strains with our refill kits, allowing you to experiment with different types or stick with your favorites.

Strain Selection


Golden Teacher:

Known for its reliable growth and educational value, perfect for both beginners and experienced growers.


B+ Cubensis:

A robust strain that adapts well to various conditions, offering generous yields.


Exotic Strains:

For those looking to explore, we offer exotic and rare strains, each with unique characteristics and potency.

How to Use the Refill Kit

Using the Psilo Vibe Refill Kit is straightforward, ensuring a smooth setup for your next cultivation cycle.

Step-by-Step Guide



Clean and sterilize your existing growth chamber from the GIY Kit.



Introduce the pre-colonized substrate into the chamber, following the updated instructions for optimal conditions.



Continue to monitor and adjust environmental conditions as you did with your first grow, applying any new tips or techniques learned along the way.

How to Purchase

Ready to embark on your next cultivation adventure? Purchasing your Psilo Vibe Refill Kit is easy and secure, with a few simple steps to get you quickly back to growing.

Purchase Process


Select Your Strain:

Choose from our variety of strains to tailor your next grow to your preferences.


Place Your Order:

Add the refill kit to your cart and proceed to checkout with our secure payment system.



We’ll ship your refill kit with everything you need to start growing again, ensuring your cultivation journey continues seamlessly.

Continue the journey of discovery and growth with the Psilo Vibe Refill Kit, your sustainable choice for ongoing mycological exploration. With our support and your growing experience, the possibilities are endless.


Can I switch strains with the refill kit?

Absolutely! The refill kit is a great opportunity to experiment with different strains. Each comes with specific instructions tailored to maximize growth and yield.

How do I ensure my grow chamber is ready for a new refill?

Cleanliness is key. Thoroughly clean and sterilize your grow chamber to prevent contamination. Our refill instructions include tips for effective cleaning and preparation.

What if I encounter issues during my second grow?

Our dedicated support team is here to help, just as with your initial grow. Access to troubleshooting advice and expert tips is included with your refill purchase.

Is the refill kit environmentally friendly?

Yes, we maintain our commitment to sustainability with the refill kit. By reusing parts of the original kit and providing biodegradable substrates, we minimize waste.

How long does a refill cycle take from start to harvest?

Similar to the initial GIY Kit, the refill cycle takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the strain and environmental conditions.