How It Works

How It Works

Step into the world of mycology with ease and excitement. Our PsiloVibe and Magic Mushroom Grow Kits are meticulously crafted to demystify the art of mushroom cultivation, offering a seamless and fascinating experience from the comfort of your home. Perfect for enthusiasts of all levels, these kits simplify the complex process of growing magic mushrooms, making it an accessible and enriching hobby. They are designed not just for cultivation but as a gateway to the natural world, inviting you into the cycle of life that mushrooms embody.

What’s in the Box

Unpacking your kit reveals a treasure trove of carefully selected components, each playing a vital role in the lifecycle of your mushrooms. You’ll find everything you need to start your cultivation journey, from the foundation of pre-colonized mycelium to the climate-controlling growth chamber:


Pre-Colonized Mycelium Brick:

A nutrient-rich substrate ready to support mushroom growth.


Growth Chamber:

Specially designed to maintain the perfect climate for your mushrooms.


Humidity and Temperature Monitor:

For precise control over your growing environment.


Misting Bottle:

Ensures your mushrooms stay hydrated without getting waterlogged.


Detailed Instruction Guide:

Offers a step-by-step walkthrough of the cultivation process, from setup to harvest.

Getting Started

Before diving into the world of mushroom cultivation, a little preparation is key. Finding the right spot in your home that offers stability and indirect light can make all the difference in your mushrooms’ growth. Equipping yourself with knowledge by thoroughly reading the instruction manual sets the stage for a successful and enjoyable cultivation journey, ensuring you’re ready for the exciting process ahead:


Select an Ideal Location:

A spot with stable temperature and indirect light is crucial for your mushrooms’ development.


Familiarize Yourself with the Process:

Reading through the guide beforehand can greatly enhance your understanding and success rate.

Step-by-Step Cultivation Guide

The journey from spore to harvest is broken down into manageable steps, designed to guide even the most novice grower to success. From setting up your kit’s environment to activating the mycelium and maintaining optimal conditions, each phase is outlined with precision and care:



Preparing your kit’s components for the growth process.



Initiating mycelium growth with the first introduction of moisture.



Regular checks and adjustments to ensure optimal growing conditions.


Monitoring Growth:

Observing and assessing your mushrooms as they develop.



Choosing the right moment to collect your mushrooms, maximizing yield and potency.

After the Harvest

The journey doesn’t end at harvest. Learning the proper techniques for drying and storing your mushrooms ensures their longevity and potency, while also preparing you for possible further flushes. This phase is about maximizing the fruits of your labor, offering practical advice on how to continue engaging with your cultivation efforts, and perhaps even beginning the cycle anew with the same kit.

Post-harvest care is critical for preserving your mushrooms and preparing for future growth:


Drying and Storage:

Techniques for ensuring your harvest lasts.


Preparing for Another Flush:

Steps to rejuvenate your kit for more mushroom growth.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Even the most well-planned cultivation projects can encounter hiccups. Our troubleshooting section is designed to quickly address common issues, from unexpected mold to slow mushroom growth, providing practical solutions and peace of mind. This resource is invaluable, ensuring that minor challenges don’t become obstacles to your success, but rather learning opportunities on your cultivation journey.

Common issues you need to look out for:


Mold and Contaminants:

Mold can cause your mushrooms to rot. It may also compete for substrate, which may cause your mushroom to grow smaller than usual.


Stalled Growth:

Mold also causes issues with growth rate. It can sap your mushroom crop of vital nutrients, leading to slower propagation or even stop growth.