Get into home cultivation of magic mushrooms with our PsiloVibe and Magic Mushroom Grow Kits, designed for simplicity and efficiency for all skill levels. From curious beginners to seasoned cultivators seeking a streamlined practice, our comprehensive kits include everything from spores to substrates, making the growing process clear and accessible. These kits not only ease cultivation but also deepen your connection with nature, offering a rewarding experience as you watch your mushrooms grow; providing insights into ecosystems and self-discovery. With a focus on sustainability, our kits encourage a mindful approach to cultivation, aiming to foster appreciation for the natural world. They serve as a gateway to the therapeutic and scientific aspects of mycology, equipping you with everything needed to explore the wonders of magic mushroom cultivation and its potential for personal and ecological insight.

Why Choose Our Grow Kits?

There are several compelling reasons to choose our grow kits: their straightforwardness, their commitment to the environment, and their promise of successful harvests. Each kit is the culmination of careful research and a strong commitment to quality, ensuring a smooth growing journey. They stand as a testament to our dedication to sustainability and customer happiness, establishing themselves as the preferred option for those who value the environment and consistent results.


Ease of Use:

Each kit comes with step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow.


Environmental Responsibility:

Our commitment to the planet is evident in our 100% compostable packaging.


Guaranteed Success:

We’ve carefully selected robust strains for our kits to ensure a successful harvest every time.


High Yields:

Each kits grows up to 28 grams of fresh mushrooms! You will experience 2-3 flushes with each kit.


Top Quality Strains:

Our strains are guaranteed to grow and guaranteed to provide you with a unique experience!


Fast Grow Times:

Our kits take less than one month to grow and harvest, allowing you to jump right into enjoying your mushrooms.


Refill Blocks:

Order a refill grow block to continue your growing journey, as our compostable grow chambers are easily reusable!

Features of Our Kits:

Included in our kits are pre-colonized mycelium for quicker growth cycles, a selection of strains to meet diverse tastes, and a complete package that does away with the need for extra purchases. This well-thought-out package guarantees a rewarding and comprehensive mushroom growing experience.

  • Pre-colonized grow blocks for faster growth
  • Read to grow block
  • Guaranteed 2-3 flushes of mushrooms
  • No misting or maintenance required
  • A variety of strains to choose from, catering to different preferences
  • All materials provided, no need for additional equipment
  • Quick grows, see mushroom growth in just two weeks!
  • No smell, no mess, just fun! 
  • Order replacement grow blocks to reuse your grow chamber over and over again!

Kit Contents & Expected Yield

Our grow kits come with all the essentials for a successful mushroom harvests, including a pre-colonized grow block and a compostable, reusable grow chamber. Easily re order our replacement grow blocks to replace spent ones. The included detailed instruction card makes the process easy to and fun to follow. When you choose our kit, you’re starting an exciting journey that does more than produce mushrooms; it deepens your understanding of the science behind them.

Expected Yields:

Expect to harvest around 1oz (28 grams) of fresh mushrooms from our kits, reflecting the effectiveness and high quality of our selected strains. This yield is ideal for personal use, providing a satisfying result from your efforts.

Easy Cultivation Process

We’ve simplified the mushroom growing process, outlining it in easy-to-follow steps from the initial setup to the final harvest. This method is crafted to support growers of all experience levels, ensuring everyone can unlock the joys of mushroom cultivation at home. Our kits serve as a key to the fascinating world of mushrooms, inviting them into your living space.

Support Along the Way:

Our unparalleled support includes instructional videos, a detailed FAQ section, and direct assistance from our team, ensuring you’re well-equipped and confident throughout your cultivation journey. Our kits offer more than just materials; they provide a full growing experience.

Customer Success Stories

The feedback from our community underscores the simplicity, convenience, and joy our kits bring into the growing process. These personal accounts shine a light on the positive changes and excitement that come with cultivating your own mushrooms, underlining the impact of our products. These stories do more than verify our kits’ quality; they foster a sense of community among growers.

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