Strains (Variety)

Strains (Variety)

Discover the rich diversity within our curated selection of mushroom strains, each offering unique characteristics and benefits to suit a variety of preferences and purposes. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener looking for something new or a novice eager to explore, our array of strains ensures there’s something for everyone.

Catalogue of Strains

Our comprehensive catalogue showcases the breadth of our collection, providing detailed insights into each plant’s background, growth habits, and optimal care conditions.


Detailed Descriptions:

Learn about the origins, characteristics, and uses of each strain, helping you understand what makes each one special.



Visual guides accompany each description, offering a glimpse into the beauty and diversity of our strains, aiding in identification and selection.


Care Instructions:

Tailored care tips ensure you can nurture each plant to its full potential, covering everything from watering needs to sunlight exposure.

Selection Guide

Choosing the right strain can be a delightful journey of discovery. Our selection guide is designed to simplify this process, catering to your specific needs, environmental conditions, and personal interests.


Needs-Based Recommendations:

Filter options based on whether you’re medicinal benefits, or aesthetic appeal, making it easy to find your perfect match.


Condition-Specific Selections:

Whether you have a sunny windowsill or a shaded garden spot, our guide helps you choose strains that will thrive in your environment.


Personal Preference:

From mild to potent or calming versus invigorating effects, our guide considers your preferences to recommend the most suitable strains.

Embrace the diversity and richness of our product offerings. With our extensive catalogue, user-friendly selection guide, and exclusive varieties, you’re sure to find the perfect strains to enrich your mushroom experience and well-being. Explore the possibilities and let our collection inspire your next green adventure.

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