Our range of mushroom products is not only diverse but also adaptable to various uses, enhancing your lifestyle in multiple dimensions. Our mushroom starter kits have detailed instructions on harvesting and processing your mushrooms to a dried form for ingestion.

Practical Uses

Our products are cultivated with the intention of adding value to your everyday routines.



Our mushroom products offer a safe recreational way in its purest form without any additives.



Many of our plants are known for their healing properties, offering natural remedies for stress, and insomnia, and boosting overall immunity.


Aesthetic and Air Purification:

Beyond their beauty, mushrooms improve your home’s aesthetic appeal.

Creative Ideas

Use your creativity with our products by exploring innovative uses that go beyond their conventional applications.


DIY Projects:

Engage in crafting personalized planters or terrariums, turning our mushrooms into unique home decor items or thoughtful gifts.


Gifts and Decorations:

Our starter kits can become thoughtful, living gifts for friends and family, or use them to decorate for special occasions, adding a touch of nature to celebrations.


Themed Arrangements:

Create themed plant arrangements for culinary, medicinal, or aesthetic purposes, tailoring your green spaces to your specific interests and needs.

User Guides

To ensure you get the most out of our products, we provide comprehensive care instructions tailored to the unique requirements of each plant.


Basic Care:

Learn the essentials of watering, lighting, and feeding, ensuring your plants thrive in their new home.



Follow our step-by-step guides for potting and positioning your plants to maximize their growth and health.


Preparation Instructions:

For our edible and medicinal mushroom kits, there are detailed instructions on how to process them for consumption.

Embrace the multifaceted uses of our products and let them inspire you to integrate nature into every aspect of your life. With our practical applications and creative ideas, alongside user-friendly guides, you’re equipped to explore the full potential of our offerings, enhancing both your well-being and living spaces.